Basic short-wave transceiver, first-class
Новый трансивер Kenwood TS-990S Company Kenwood has announced a new transceiver TS-990S . The transceiver is designed for everyday work and hunting for DX stations. The first photos and video transceiver appeared in May 2012. at the exhibition Hamvention, annually held in Dayton, USA. About transceiver known mostly general information:
  • Frequency range: 1.8 ... 50 MHz.
  • Output Power: 5 ... 200 watts.
  • Modulation: SSB, CW, FSK, PSK, AM, FM.
  • internal power supply.
  • Built-in antenna tuner.
  • COM-port, USB A / B port and the LAN-port.
  •      According to the company's employees, the transceiver is able to make a revolution in amateur radio on short wave. Ordinary people-world ham and suffering from a number of loyal fans Kenwood brand are wondering - "What's new in this transceiver TS-990S"? And of course, everyone wants to not only predict but also to know exactly what the pros and cons are the usual ham all new TS-990S. In general, whether the available TS-990S is the usual ham or apparatus only for wealthy cads? Here let them not try to answer, but go to the answer to these questions based on information available today about the Kenwood TS-990S.
         So, when you first look at a new radio from Kenwood, immediately clear that this is a solid stationary device, designed for the daily work of an amateur is shorter wavelengths. The transceiver can operate in the frequency range 1.8 ... 50 MHz. While not known for sure, but most likely it will be possible to open or "unlock" the transceiver for the transmission over the entire range of frequencies including 27 MHz and LowBand'e. The manufacturer's power output to the transceiver 200 watts. certainly not enough to work in contests and hunting for DX, but it is enough for daily work on short waves with a well-tuned antenna.
         Especially pleased with the presence of the transceiver built-in power supply. This relieves the user from the TS-990S buy additional device.
         The presence of an automatic antenna tuner and the transceiver can not discuss - is the norm for this class of equipment. We can only wait for the first reviews of the quality of the built-in tuner.
         Availability of data ports COM and USB, as is standard for a modern digital radio. But the claimed LAN, this is a new word in square amateur equipment. Ability to connect TS-990S to a local computer network allows us to hope for a more flexible operation of the apparatus to the global Internet, without "crutches" in the form of a personal computer. The availability of LAN, may allow owners of Kenwood TS-990S more easily and flexibly manage two transceivers when used in SO2R. But while this is only speculation on possibilities in the new LAN transceiver, unsupported by the data producer.
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